My name is Kari Ann, I am so pleased that you're here. If you are reading this it probably means you're looking for a little bit of help. You have come to right place.  

You are young, successful, and motivated. You have exceeded your goals and are on the way to the top. But, your relationships aren't so easy. You aren't as happy as you thought you would be. 

I get it. I've been there. At the age of 24 I had achieved all my education, work, and "family" goals, but I wasn't happy.  

I can now say that I have  the life I always wanted but didn't think existed. I found love and have an amazing relationship, I have stronger family ties, and solid friendships. I get to travel and go on adventures and I get to make money doing something I love. It wasn't a fluke. I learned the tools and made this life ON PURPOSE.  Guess what, I can you do the same.

What do you want your life to be like? Whatever it is I can help you get there. 

I am looking forward to hearing how I can help you today. 

Peace & Happiness,

Kari Ann Atkinson

 Certified Life Coach

 M.A. Communication Studies


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