About Me


My name is Kari Atkinson. I am a certified life coach and a tenured college professor.

I'm also the mom of two young adult daughters, one with special needs. I'm also engaged to a wonderful man who has been in the Fire Service for three decades. 

If you are experiencing sadness, overwhelm, loneliness, I get it.  

Feeling frustrated or unfulfilled in your relationships...I understand, because I've been there. 

I became a life coach because coaching changed my life and I wanted to help other women who are struggling.  

I am passionate about all things related to people, relationships, communication and living your best life possible.


I have used the coaching tools in my own life to heal broken relationships, change the way I parent, become a better partner and enjoy life in a whole new way.​

My heart's desire is to help YOU learn and use the skills necessary to create more happiness in your daily life and relationships. 

The best is yet to come.

Peace & Happiness,