About Me


I am so pleased that you are here. 

I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters; one who is about to embark into adulthood and the other is a special needs young adult learning to find her way. 

I became a life coach because life coaching changed MY life and I wanted to help others change theirs. My mission is to help as many women as possible live their life to the fullest and find true happiness, despite difficult circumstances. 

I have chased happiness on-and-off through much of my adolescence and early adulthood. Most people are surprised to hear this. I'm an upbeat person with a positive outlook on life.  Yet, I've struggled with bouts of sadness, depression, and loneliness. I felt like real happiness eluded me. THEN I had my oldest daughter; a daughter with special needs....

Thankfully, I learned tools that transformed my life. I've learned how to better navigate the hard stuff and experience happiness, no matter what happens.  

Nothing can stop the difficult things that life sometimes throws your way. But you can have more joy. I can help.  

The best is yet to come. 

 Are you ready? 

~ Kari Ann​​