Take Back Your Happiness.


An 8 Week Program Designed For Moms with Kids Who Have Special Needs.

Hello friend.

Congratulations, you've found a way to get a few moments to "yourself."  

In this moment, what are you feeling? Sad? Worried? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Maybe you're at the end of your rope. Or, maybe you are afraid you are going to be there soon. Whether you're in a "bad" place, a fairly "good" place, or somewhere in-between, I want you to know that I can help. 

Parents of kids with special needs face challenges that other parents don't (and can't) understand.

The physical and emotional toll that special needs brings is real.  I help moms and couples like us because frankly, we need more help and support.  

I want you to know that it IS possible to be happier, truly happier, despite the challenges you face. 

So, at this point you probably want to know more; but without the "pressure" of contacting me. 

Here are some details that might help if you are considering life coaching:

I offer an 8 session 'program' that will jump start you on the road to

feeling better & getting your life under control.

Each week you will have a private 1:1 coaching session. You will also receive short video lessons, teaching coaching tools that you can start using immediately. Eight weeks from now:

  • You will be less overwhelmed.

  • You will be less stressed out.

  • You will experience less worry. 

  • You will be better equipped to deal with emotional meltdowns (yours, your child's, and your spouse's).

  • You will gain the ability to enjoy your life in a way you didn't think possible.  

  • Here is the BEST part...the transformation you'll experience will change the rest of your life. ​

The monetary investment is $1,100.  

If you want learn more click the "Get in Touch" button.

We can set up a short 30 minute chat for you to get more information.  

...what if 8 weeks from now your life felt totally different?