3 Ways to Beat Boredom

Boredom: the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

My least favorite emotion, boredom is also the one all of us struggle with.

Boredom occurs when our brain craves novelty and entertainment but doesn't find it.

In 2019 it was reported that the average adult experienced 131 days of boredom a year. Given the current state of the world, I would be willing to bet that number has dramatically risen.

Boredom can lead to over- eating, over-drinking, and other "distracting behaviors" that might be bad for your health. However, when managed the right way, boredom can be an opportunity, a sign that you need to shift gears.

Want to experience boredom in a new way? Give these a try:

1. Embrace it. Doing a mundane task (like taking a walk on a familiar path or folding laundry) while allowing your mind to wander can spark creativity.

2. Plan ahead. The best time to decide what to do when you're bored is before boredom strikes. Remember those days when you were so busy you wished you had time to be bored? What did you fantasize about doing? Use those moments to come up with a list of things you genuinely want to do. Your list can include learning a new skill, writing down goals, or filling an empty box with things to donate. Why not start planning a vacation, giving meditation a try, or listening to a new podcast?

3. Connect. Old-school. Pick up the phone and have an actual conversation, with a real person. Write a letter or send a card.

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