Day Ahead Decisions Can Set You Free

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The average adult makes approximately 35, 000 decisions a day. While not all decisions are created "equal", every decision you make will have some impact on your daily life.

If you have a goal or want to have a really good day try "Day Ahead Decisions." Day Ahead Decisions are choices that you make for yourself that pertain to the next day.

How can making Day Ahead Decisions help you?

You will get more done.

You will have more free time.

You will have a less cluttered mind.

Ultimately you will have more success.

Here is your quick-start guide to making "Day Ahead Decisions."

1. Write down the goal or change you want to achieve ​- I will eat better ​- I will exercise ​- I will find a new job ​- I will be happier in my relationship

2. Consider your goal, and then write down what you will do about it tomorrow. The key is to be as specific as possible. ​-"Tomorrow I will eat two eggs with coffee for breakfast, a handful of almonds for snack, ​and baked halibut with brown rice for dinner." ​-"Tomorrow I will walk for 25 minutes from 9am-9:25." ​-"Tomorrow I will revise my resume from 10-11am." ​-"Tomorrow I will find three things about my husband that I enjoy."

3. When you wake up, review your plan from the previous night, and then commit to yourself to following through.

4. Rinse. Repeat. The more Day Ahead Decisions you do, the easier it becomes. Soon you will reap the reward of your decision making.

My challenge for you: make one Day Ahead Decision and follow through for the next seven days.

What Day Ahead Decision you will make today?

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