The Habit of Happiness

"I would be happier if...." is a phrase I hear most often from my clients. The sentence is typically completed by expressing a desire for something they don't currently have, but surely would be happier if they possessed. "I would be happier if... -my husband would listen to me more." -I made more money." - I could lose 15 lbs." The truth is, if you aren't starting from a place of true happiness, whatever follows the "if" will only make you temporarily happier. I know this only too well. I have chased happiness on and off through much of my life. Most people that know me are surprised to hear this. I smile a lot, I'm a generally upbeat, friendly person, and I'm quick to find the silver lining. All these are considered attributes of someone who is "happy." Yet for years I struggled with bouts of sadness and depression. I felt like real happiness eluded me. Can you relate? Where does true happiness come from? Look in the mirror...True happiness comes from within yourself. Other people, money, possessions, or circumstances do not create happiness that sustains through time. I discovered true happiness when I made it a priority everyday and began practicing The Habit of Happiness. It's important to remember to make room for "appropriate" negative emotions, such as sadness, frustration, worry or anger during times of hardship or loss...But these emotions don't have to take away or detract from your overall happiness. Here are two things you can do today to start creating your own habit of happiness: Make a list 7 things that you make you happy right now. Today. In this moment. For the next week, pick one each day to think about and be grateful for through the day. Examine the "shoulds" in your life. What are the things you are telling yourself you SHOULD do? How you SHOULD feel? Where do these "shoulds" come from and are they serving you? If you are interested in learning more about "The Habit of Happiness" send me an email

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